The Power of Power

Very few things in life prepare us the way actual ground level experience does. This is even more true in my industry. The art of practicing medicine is the delicate balance of theoretical knowledge that we learn from books and the experience of patients that we learn by being doctors and talking to patients day in and day out.

There is no mistaking that one learns throughout the career of being a doctor. However, being a doctor is very different to the job of a doctor. Whilst in medical school, I was taught how to care for the sick and how to recognise illness. My job, incorporates much of this but expects along with it: diplomacy in the face of ill-behaviour, resilience in the face of an over-stretched healthcare service, optimism in the face of despair from others. Continue reading

A low point

I hit a low point today.

It wasn’t one thing. Or even a thing. It was multiple things. The chronic shortage of doctors. The chronic apologising to relatives for not having enough time, enough space or enough energy to talk at length with them. The chronic mental fatigue of constantly worrying about my patients. Did the blood level drop? Did the potassium go back to normal? Did the medicines arrive? The chronic feeling of wanting to deliver but being unable to deliver the kind of clinical care we are trained to do.

I hit a low point today but that means tomorrow can only be better. The problems won’t have gone but at least I’ve acknowledged there is one. That’s the first step to fixing the system.

Blogging in two places!

Two months back, I had the opportunity to blog with AKA Osler’s Room. They invited me back and I now have my own blog page running with them. It’s about the trials, the tribulations and the triumphs of being a foundation year 1 doctor. If that’s something that interests you, please follow my blog over on there!

My Blog on Remarxs

The first challenge (of being a doctor)

I’ll still be updating here too but as this platform is more of a catharsis (whereas the other one has deadlines and a schedule), I can’t promise anything regular.

But I do have tons of thoughts and I love writing so I’ll be back!