Obesity: Conquering the silent enemy – Part 1

In my last blog post I wrote about the problems obesity causes in our lives and shared some statistics with y’all. It went this way, if you’re interested in reading (or re-reading) –> Last week’s post on obesity

Today, I wish to share with you a personal journey that I embarked on around 2.5 months ago. The journey of triumphs and misfortunes. The journey of bitter disappointment and glimmering hope. But eventually a journey of victory. Basically, I decided to loose weight…and there were 5 things I did before I began.

The first thing I did was assess my food habits. Its not necessary to starve yourself or to eat boring foods. A minor adjustment here and there and small sacrifices go a really long way. I still eat chocolate. I still have rice. I still enjoy my food. And this is important because I want to loose weight and keep those kilos off for good. It is a lifestyle adjustment not just a diet for a few weeks.

Now every good nutritionalist, doctor, nurse and a seasoned competitor of the weight loss rat race, will tell you that it is not enough to simply reduce your calorie intake. It is about exercise too. Making your body physically active goes in tandem with good food habits. So the second thing I did was to plan in a little bit of sweating and huffing and puffing into my day to day life.

Third aspect – tell everyone what you’re doing. It is not anything to be embarrassed about. In fact its almost heroic. (Note: I did say almost) If you don’t feel heroic you’ll at least feel motivated through fear of failure and ridicule…but I’d hope that you’d tell those people who will give you moral support and lift you out of the misery dump when you’re having a particularly difficult week. You’ll need people to help you through this. So go on and tell as many friends, family, online buddies as you can. Who knows you might even influence a few to join you as well!

The fourth was to remember the 80/20 rule. You be good for 80% of the time and cheat out of your exercise program/ diet 20% of the time. Think of it as a pat on the back – a reward if you will. These are important too because being perfect is impossible and you will slip up somewhere. Instead of getting put out by that or thinking yourself weak, just brush it off and move on.

The fifth point was putting it into action…and it was surprisingly easier than I thought!

The next instalment of the obesity: The silent enemy series will continue in a few days. Join me then for links to recipes, info and tips as well as the personal plan I followed.

Stay healthy!




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