Obesity: Conquering the silent enemy: Part 2

Hi lovely people! This is the time where I open all gates to my soul (not really) and tell you all of my secrets (just the ones about weight loss)

Disclaimer: Don’t skip this

Now before I do go on and share, I want to point out that I started this on a whim and it became kind of big. I did not consult any dietician or doctor. Or even a friend. I just winged it really. But it worked for me. I’m not saying that everything I did has been easy sailing or always the correct thing to do. I’m not saying that what I did will necessary work for the next person. And if you are struggling with your weight and have not been successful in the past this may give you some inspiration. I am not a doctor (yet) and not a professional dietician so if you are looking for medical advise, this post is probably not for you. Seek professional help.

Now that is out of the way, let us begin! 

The three meals

I have a proper breakfast. Toast, egg, cereal and caffeine. Sleeping is hard work and I get hungry… no seriously, breakfast is your first meal of the day. Your body needs, no, craves glucose. Don’t be stingy with it! Power up. Now obviously you don’t have to have egg, toast and cereal. But do have carbs. And try some fruit as well. I personally can’t bear having fruit first thing in the morning but that is a personal choice and by no means an example!

Lunch for me is a ‘normal’ meal. Here I allow myself to eat whatever I want. This normally includes carbohydrate in the form of rice or pasta. And vegetables are a must for me. Chicken is the meat of preference for me and in general white meat is far healthier than red meat. But there is no harm with having a steak. Just don’t have fifty! Remember whatever you choose to eat, make sure that it is filling. Don’t forget the carbs – they are important. Try cous cous if you’re not a pasta fan. If you like rice with your meal opt for microwaveable rice. Microwave rice removes starch and the water can be thrown away after cooking instead of absorbed into the rice. If you want to take it a step further, try brown rice. I personally love brown rice and microwave it rather than boil it. It removes more starch and has more fibre in it! Finally protein. Don’t forget your protein. You may not need it to grow taller but your cells need to replenish themselves and damaged cells need to repair. Protein is essential. Although I doubt you’ll get kwashiorkor disease, it still is not sensible to miss your protein out! Sources of protein? Chicken, pulses, vegetables. That green stuff is actually good for vitamins too.

Now for me, dinner (or supper if that is what you prefer to call it) is always a light meal. Normally a salad. Or a piece of chicken breast with lovely spicy sauce on top. Rarely I skip dinner altogether and usually only if I’m ill. Skipping meal is not healthy and I would sincerely advise you against it. (If only I listened to my own advise!). I tend to keep carbohydrate levels at a minimum for my dinner but never compromise on the protein.

Have a headache? Might be ’cause you are dehydrated!

Keep yourself hydrated. Water, tea, coffee, juices. Keep away from carbonated drinks and alcohol. Especially coco-cola and wine. There is very limited health benefit of drinking a glass of wine a day and if you can reduce your alcohol intake you will also reduce your calorie intake. Same with carbonated drinks. I’m not saying don’t drink them at all. By all means, do! I certainly have not stopped. But be wary of how much you are having in a week.

And snacks.

Don’t snack throughout the whole day. Instead keep a specific time in the day for snacking. I tend to get hungry around brunch (11 am) and towards tea time (5pm). And I do eat. Snacks don’t have to be large but they have to be filling. Here are some examples: Cut up pieces of steamed chicken, banana, strawberries, a handful of nuts, a glass of milk or a homemade tomato soup or shake.

And finally…

From experience, normally I mess up. Often. Sometimes its circumstantial and sometimes its deliberate. But that is okay too. Give yourself rules but remember rules are made to be broken! So I work with a cheat system. I give myself 3 cheats in a 7 day period. For me cheats include: eating outside of meal/ snack times, having a second helping or two big meals in a day.

Most importantly, remember weight loss doesn’t have to be a bore or a chore. If you can be a little organised and give yourself time to create healthy and delicious meals then loosing weight can be a wonderful experience.


That’s all for this time! Stay tuned for the third and final part of the ‘Obesity’ series. In the mean time, stay healthy!



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