T minus 7 days

One week.

To finish any unfinished business

To meet any old friends

To watch any films I still haven’t

To relax, unwind and sleep in late.

Because I have only one week left until I begin medical school.

One week.

Before I become a medical student

Before my day consists of ECG traces and blood test results

Before my evenings consist of notes, more notes and an occasional yawn

Before my top websites change from twitter and facebook to Web MD and PubMed

One week.

Am I ready? You bet ya, I am!

Bring it on…


Broken exercise machines and the art of yoga

So the other day I was happily listening away to ‘Eye of the tiger’ (It’s such a good song. Listen to it here ) and doing my 30 minutes of cross-trainer work out. When suddenly I hear a strange groan and an empty grating noise. Kind of like when you try to move your car without being in any gear and it sounds all wrong. Only a second after that, my left foot (which was on the high end of the revolution) plummeted straight down and my exercise came to a sharp halt. Luckily my headphones and iPod were undamaged. Silver lining, I guess. But anyway, my point is that somehow and I really don’t know how, I broke my exercise machine. And, as my brother said, it wasn’t just a loose bolt or plastic giving way…the metal detached itself clean from the frame. I now have a broken pedal and a useless cross-trainer machine and strange sense of accomplishment. I managed to use my machine so much that wear and tear finally got to it.

What an achievement! No sarcasm. At all.

I try not to look at it because it reminds me of a run over deer. You know the poor souls you see on the road early morning? The ones with their bellys cut open and limbs askew? My exercise machine is a rundown, dysfunctional, broken item in my room. More importantly I now realised that I needed a new form of exercise until I got the machine fixed. And the answer was Yoga.

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Freud and Mozart in Vienna

This time last week, I was baking in the hot Viennese summer as I went around market places, museums, local eateries and the u-bahn underground transport in Vienna. The city itself is a beautiful and unique blend of old-world Europe and modern, fast-paced city life. Complete with its own bloody history of war and poverty also comes a history of some of the world’s most influential people. I feel quite privileged to have walked on the streets, visited the houses and glimpsed the lives of two particular men. If you’ve read the title, you will probably realise that the two people I am talking about are indeed the psycho-analyst, Sigmund Freud and the musician/composer Wolfgang Mozart. Continue reading

Obesity: Conquering the silent enemy: Part 3

Hello and welcome to the final instalment of the ‘obesity the silent enemy’ series. Click below for previous posts in this series:

We left off last time having tackled the food and drinks aspect during a weight loss regime. But this is only half the story. Of my 25 kilos target, I have lost 11 kilos in 3 months and it wasn’t just diet adjustments that did the trick. It was physical activity and exercise too. So this post and the final one of its nature will be dedicated to discussing different exercise options and their relative benefits.  Continue reading