Broken exercise machines and the art of yoga

So the other day I was happily listening away to ‘Eye of the tiger’ (It’s such a good song. Listen to it here ) and doing my 30 minutes of cross-trainer work out. When suddenly I hear a strange groan and an empty grating noise. Kind of like when you try to move your car without being in any gear and it sounds all wrong. Only a second after that, my left foot (which was on the high end of the revolution) plummeted straight down and my exercise came to a sharp halt. Luckily my headphones and iPod were undamaged. Silver lining, I guess. But anyway, my point is that somehow and I really don’t know how, I broke my exercise machine. And, as my brother said, it wasn’t just a loose bolt or plastic giving way…the metal detached itself clean from the frame. I now have a broken pedal and a useless cross-trainer machine and strange sense of accomplishment. I managed to use my machine so much that wear and tear finally got to it.

What an achievement! No sarcasm. At all.

I try not to look at it because it reminds me of a run over deer. You know the poor souls you see on the road early morning? The ones with their bellys cut open and limbs askew? My exercise machine is a rundown, dysfunctional, broken item in my room. More importantly I now realised that I needed a new form of exercise until I got the machine fixed. And the answer was Yoga.

I went for my first session, yesterday. I had my reservations and was highly skeptical. After all, yoga was all about ‘being in the right frame of mind’ and inhaling funny smells whilst listening to odd classical music, right? I was rather pleasantly surprised and grateful to learn how wrong I was about yoga. My body stretched muscles which had not been stretched in years. I was able to move into positions which I did not think was possible. As we went along, the yoga teacher explained how each position helped strengthen and even heal certain areas. My spine and the spinae erectae muscles were given attention. As were my quadriceps. Muscles in the upper back were worked over as well as the intercostal and lower limb muscles.

By the end of the 90 minute session, I felt loose limbed, light and rejuvenated. And for the first time in many days the incessant buzzing in my head had stopped. Yoga really helped me to clear my head and find my focus. So it turned out that I had found the perfect alternative to my cross-trainer exercise. (Although, I still need to get that fixed)

I fully intend to return next Tuesday and carry on learning the art of yoga!


2 thoughts on “Broken exercise machines and the art of yoga

  1. Jade says:

    So glad you’ve found your way to yoga, albeit in an unusual way 😉 I’ve found it life changing – even now after many years of practising, it never fails to amaze me how different I can feel at the end of a yoga class. Best of luck with your ongoing yoga journey!

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