I’m alive!

Hello hello

Just a quick drop in to say that a) I am indeed still alive and b) my previous post had some major technical problems so I never got round to posting it.

It was basically a comparison of how medicine is portrayed in the media…I’ll get back to it eventually.

I do have a few ideas I want to write about but given that I am currently doing two years of medicine in one, not entirely certain when it will be feasible for me to sit down and do non-studying activities for longer than 10 minutes. Seriously though, the course is amazing but the only time I’m not studying or doing a university related activity is when I’m either sleeping or eating! Its all down to time management really. Which I am getting better at. For example I have managed to plan in a ‘restful’ event for the weekend. So its not all doom and gloom. Actually its not doom and gloom at all. Medicine is great. Intense for sure but worth it…I think.

And on another note, I have now reached the 17 kilos lost stage. Feeling a little proud and as a celebration I ate a Kit Kat. I probably would have eaten it anyway but it sounds better if I say I ate it as a treat rather than a loss of will power…

Still got 7 kilos to loose. Still have a mountain to learn (its liver this week!) and I sincerely hope I will get round to posting more interesting facts than my day to day life soon.

Hope y’all are well




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