Medical school interview

It is often the small, insignificant details you remember about an event that makes it stick out in your memory. For many years down the line you’ll reminisce about these small, insignificant details and depending on how the rest of the event played out, you’ll either smile when you remember it or frown. Medical school interviews are somewhat like that. The date is known for at least a couple of weeks before hand. We spend the first week or so running around like headless chickens, not sure whether we should be ecstatic or anxious. The next phase is when we actually plan and do some preparation. And then the day comes. From experience, interviews are not pleasant. They’re not supposed to be. But going in with your best foot forward is placing the odds in your favour.

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All about Pearls

I was sifting through old photos when I came across lots of different images of pearl necklaces, earrings and other jewellery. I had been to the pearl factory in Isle of Wight a couple of months back, but for the love of all things shiny (because pearls are shiny…) I couldn’t figure out what possessed me to take thirty-five photos of the pearls. Seemed a little obsessive and I’m not really much into photography anyway. My hands always shake and the images tend to come out either wonky or blurred. Its a work in progress type of skill. (This is also why I never take selfies)¬†

Anyway, that’s when I came across a beautiful gem (because pearls are gems, gettit? ¬†again with the puns. Sincerest apologies…) of an image.

I think the reason why I was apparently so fascinated by these stones was because not only are they used to make precious and super expensive jewellery but they also have uses in cosmetics, animal feeds, fertilisers and believe it or not – medicines! Continue reading