Exams, strikes and more strikes?

3 things this week that make my stress levels go up

  • I have exams in 5 days
  • Junior doctor contracts are still up in the air. Strike action cancelled, yet negotiations have yet to reach an acceptable compromise
  • Syrian refugee crisis vs. air strikes in said country

I’m stressed. The junior doctors are stressed. Syrians are MAJORLY stressed.

In fact stress is an inevitable outcome of, well, being alive. But most of the time stress is helpful – gets us out of danger (by running away from bombs). It motivates us to make a change (revise more, protest for your rights)

But when stress exceeds our ability to cope (either because we can’t get away from the bombs/ exams/ bullying politicians or because we’ve not got the resources or the capacity to cope) , its no longer stress…its distress.

And distress is a killer. Be ware of how stress creeps in your life and try and find ways to cope with it.

That is all for now.





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