Happy New year…


My goodness. We’re tipping into the third week of 2016 already. *insert about a billion cliche lines in here about how 2015 was a great year blah blah blah and how 2016 will bring health and prosperity our way…*

Actually 2016 started in a poor way. At least for the NHS and for me personally too. First let’s talk a little about the the public health service in England. And then I’ll talk a little bit about myself, maybe.

Founded in the 1940s, the National Health Service has been an enemy of its own making. From Day 1 people, politicians, patients and health care workers have used it, abused it and put up with it. Kind of like you do with your battered old laptop. The one that has incredibly low battery life and takes ages to load any page. Then when it does load the page you’re trying to access it sends you an error message and no matter how many times you twiddle with this add-on and the settings, the laptop remains stubbornly the same. Well the NHS is somewhat like that. Increasing staff demands, incredibly long waiting times and finally when you do see a real, functioning doctor, they tell you that you might have been better off home after all. Sound familiar? It should. The truth is that despite being a the biggest asset of this country, England’s public health system is rolling in under-funded hospitals, weary staff and angry patients. Its not a surprise then that certain politicians are using this already precarious situation to push for their own agenda. Recently, the proposed changes to junior doctor contracts have been the topic of discussion. I’m not here to say which side you should support and whether or not striking really is the best way to get people to notice but what I would urge you to do is to think.

Think beyond what the politicians are telling you. Think beyond the public’s view. Think about the consequence of loosing the public, free and safe NHS.

Just like you don’t give up on your laptop, don’t give up on the health care system either. Work with the staff, work with the politicians and work together to ensure that us, our children and our grandchildren all have adequate, free and safe healthcare for years to come.

That is all!

Happy New Year all. I do genuinely hope that its one of good health and happiness. But a lot of the time, good health and happiness is in our hands 😉

Watch this space -I got tales about my trip to Egypt to share with y’all.




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