Reflection on Term 1 of Medical School

I started medical school about 5 months ago with a lot of excitement and moderate levels of apprehension. Whilst some myths were debunked (No, I don’t have to actually use a needle on a patient until a long while later!) some held true…(Yes, PBL and tutorials are basically fun chats while eating snacks and discussing hypothetical patients). Believe it or not, I actually know how a stethoscope works now, I can kind of communicate with you about your pain and I actually know more science than I thought I did. Continue reading


Plodding along

  1. Medical school
  2. Weight loss
  3. Mental Health
  4. Writings
  5. Professional and personal relationships

These things take time. They develop and improve over years, sometimes, not just days. There’ll be good days, bad days and just plain terrible days. If you too have a similar list as mine and have a million and one things that just don’t seem to end, know that you’re certainly not alone and are working towards a massive but by no means an unachievable goal.

Also, if you have to focus on something, make that focus your own health. None of the other things will be worth it if you’re not well enough to enjoy them!

Peace for now