Help! I’m self-diagnosing again

Now that I’ve been to medical school for all of two terms, I sometimes feel adequately confident in my half-cooked knowledge of various diseases to work out what’s going wrong with me. Continue reading


Hypnotherapy for relaxation

Yesterday marked the end of my second term at medical school. Was I happy?

Not really, considering the end only brought me perilously close to my end of term exams next week. Panic doesn’t even cover half of what I’ve been feeling.  Luckily for me I got the opportunity to experience some relaxation techniques.  This wasn’t just any random made up jazz, nor was it a ‘magical’ cure to exam nerves. Hypnotherapy, when done properly or with the guidance of a trained professional (not necessarily medical) has a strong evidence base for reducing anxiety-like symptoms and improving relaxation. Both, I guarantee, every student has felt the need for!

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Suicide – it is not always obvious

Somebody I once knew very well committed suicide last week. I don’t know if I should be feeling a certain emotion. Should I be sad? Angry at the world for betraying her? Should I be frustrated that these things happen and we can’t prevent them? At first, to be honest, I was shocked. And slightly unbelieving. You see this person was the happiest, smiling and bubbly people you’d meet. At least that was what it looked like from the outside. I suppose she only really let us see this side of her and who knows what demons were running rampant inside her mind and body. Continue reading