I’m not grumpy, I’m just detoxing from caffeine!

Every once in a while, I look at my desk and notice 1…2…3…6… mugs: empty, forlorn and frankly scary. I drink a lot of coffee. I’m aware of it. I console my self thinking that everyone has one vice, right? Mine is caffeine! It’s a legal drug, it’s all good. But my caffeine habit creeps up on me and suddenly I need a coffee to get me through the next hour. Every once in a while I decide to detox. Go cold Turkey…

I did this 6 months ago as well and so naively I thought that this would be pretty simple. First time is always harder. I had my decaf coffees, my green teas, my mint teas and lots of water ready. But boy did I forget the true meaning of caffeine addiction…

My symptoms:

  • HEADACHE! Oh good lord, the headaches! Over-the-counter medication literally does nothing for my headaches and I am very prone to getting migraines too. So I use this stuff called ‘zandu balm’. Its some type of Ayurvedic balm which has menthol in it. It’s probably working by causing superficial vasoconstriction (constricting of blood vessels) and lessening the headache.
  • TIREDNESS. I need to keep slapping myself to keep my self awake in lectures, during dinners, while I’m driving! Combating this by keeping hydrated and sleeping properly.
  • LOW MOOD/ IRRITATION. You know that meme with the grumpy cat? The one that is happy with nothing  in life? That’s me. Good news – it is temporary!

Why am I doing this?

I wanted to challenge myself. Also 6+ cups in a day of tea/ coffee is just not healthy for me. I’m too reliant on it. What if I got stuck somewhere where tea and coffee were not easily available? It’s expensive buying coffee all the time. Caffeine dehydrates you and then I forget to have water so it just brings on my headaches faster. Having done it once before, after the initial week of withdrawal, pain and serious grumpiness, everything is just better. You feel more alert in the morning, you don’t need a ‘pick me up’ drink, you can enjoy other drinks too! Like juice! Juice is amazing. And, you are more in control of your own body.

I know I’ll eventually have another cup of coffee. I mean I love everything about coffee to stay away for ever. I have my own espresso machine. I drink coffee from all over the world. I make my own designs in the froth. Coffee is a beautiful beverage but its nice to break the cycle once in a while and try something else!

If you’re detoxing too, I salute you!

P.S: It is a total myth that medical students need coffee to get through life. I went without caffeine for 6 months. I’m now attempting it again.

Click here for more information of caffeine, caffeine addiction and detox.




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