Mrs. Ples and the dawn of Human Kind

In 1871, Charles Darwin wrote his famous novel: ‘The descent of man’. This novel was first of its kind because it recognised the concept of evolution. For Darwin theorised and validated the idea of chimps and gorillas found in the African continent to be the relatives of humankind. That is to say: Darwin didn’t say that humans evolved from chimps but that there is a common ancestor. This common ancestor  – the missing link- has been the topic of discussion and mystery for decades. We think we are closer to working out the missing link every year that passes.

I was in South Africa a few weeks back. Amongst its apartheid ridden recent past, a stain on South African history, there is a wonder and beauty to the country. The African continent itself is the birth of all us. And in the summer of 2016, I had the chance to delve into the history of all of us. This is my retelling of my experience at the Human Cradle: The Birth of Humanity.  Continue reading