It is the month of April. Spring has sprung. Flowers are a-bloom and the sun’s out for longer than ever before. Birds are chirping and the streets are full of bustling people. The new tax year has begun. All over the world various festivals have been celebrated. Everyone is happy. 

But 350 million people are currently suffering with depression. I in 4 of us will end up with some form of mental disorder. (world health organisation) Most of us don’t even realise how close we are to a mental break down. It might be the month of April and the sun may be out but mental illness doesn’t only affect us if we are stressed or if its raining. Mental illness has lots of causes and lots of sneaky ways of entering our lives.

This April, take the choice to look after yourself. Talk to someone. Take a step back and listen to yourself. Seek help. There isn’t anything wrong with being ill. But no one deserved to be ill. Let’s get the conversation going. (Heads together – the charity set up by HRH William, Catherine and Harry)

We wouldn’t wait to have a heart attack before looking after the health of our heart. Why should our mind be any different.

Peace and good health




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