Recently the country I live in faced many terror attacks. People lost lives. Many were injured. Unfortunately this isn’t news. It seems that the dawn of the age of media has brought with it tragedies and catastrophes right to our home feeds. Every newspaper, social media article and news channel is full of the same. 

In this tragic moment my heart not only bleeds for the families who lost loved ones but for our broken, fractured society. But thank you to our paramedics, our nurses, our doctors who at the risk of their own lives have given support and treatments to vulnerable individuals. Thank you to our police force that’s kept us safe and finally thank you to us – the civilians. For keeping it together. For being a unit. I saw a post on social media where a random stranger was willing to give his blood to the victims who had lost so much of theirs. Someone was willing to give shelter and another was willing to provide food.

Terrorism knows no faith, creed or belief. But nor does love and compassion. Let’s spread the latter and look after each other.

Stay healthy, stay safe.




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