The tale of two cities: Emergency Room edition

Disclaimer: No patient identifiable data has been used and some specifics related to cases have been changed to protect the identity of individuals. These are solely my observations, opinions and thoughts and are not intended to portray a full picture of how hospitals in the UK or abroad function. 

Around a year and a half ago I had the absolute privilege to spend sometime in a government hospital of another country. As is custom there, I donned a white coat, put my stethoscope round my neck and mentally prepared myself to do and speak medicine but in a completely different language to the one I was trained it.

My first thought was how do I ask a drugs, alcohol and smoking history in another language? My friend told me that ‘we don’t ask that stuff really’. I also had to get used to calling my seniors sir and ma’am. Where I’m trained its just Dr. whatever. Still. different country, different rules.  Continue reading