Recently the country I live in faced many terror attacks. People lost lives. Many were injured. Unfortunately this isn’t news. It seems that the dawn of the age of media has brought with it tragedies and catastrophes right to our home feeds. Every newspaper, social media article and news channel is full of the same.  Continue reading


Medicine in the media – Part 1

Media is a fairly new concept. Medicine on the other hand has existed in some form or the other ever since human kind has been getting sick. The depiction of the medical industry is often one that is used for different purposes in media. Be it the news coverage of ‘Ebola’ or the political elements of a ‘privatised healthcare and demolition of the NHS’ or even the romanticisation of being a doctor as is often shown in Television programs.

It all comes down to one point: As long as media depicts medicine, the public’s fascination with it will continue.

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