Take a break…

Sometimes deadlines, patients, drug names, medical notes all becomes too much. And we need a breather. Here are some ideas. I can attest to having done all of them…

  1. Sleeping! (sleep deprivation is real people)
  2. Clean your room/ work space. De-cluttering improves productivity
  3. Take a walk
  4. Work-out . This releases endorphins and also blood circulation
  5. Try yoga or a similar meditation technique to calm your mind
  6. Read a fictional novel. I recently read ‘The Man in the High Castle’
  7. Do something artsy РI hand made a card yesterday 
  8. Buy a colouring book and colour it in
  9. Listen to music in a foreign language or without lyrics
  10. Find a good TV series and watch it in one go. Try Netflix or Amazon Prime for ideas!
  11. Cook or bake something new. Try Nigella Lawson’s chocolate Olive oil cake
  12. Organise to meet old friends or family and spend some time with them

Why are you still reading? Go have some fun!